System Administration, Network Administration, Maintenance

We provide competent and independent consultancy on the use of information systems. We transform your process requirements into system solutions. We support you during the whole life cycle of your IT project, starting with project planning, and continuing with its realization and system maintenance.

Our special approach contains among other things the analysis of existing infrastructure. We analyze the current state and help you in the optimization of processes, their cost reduction and their expansion. In cases of small budgets we show you how to save licensing costs e.g. by using open source software.

System Administration:

  • Windows
  • Linux & Unix
  • Mac OS

Network Administration:

  • Network planning
  • Network configuration
  • Implementation

Maintenance and Optimization

Already working infrastructure needs maintenance too. Security and functional parts need to be updated continuously. Monitoring and timely intervention in cases of technical defects or presumed malfunction are crucial. For all this cb.ikt offers service level agreements (SLA). Set your own monthly budget. We will monitor your systems and solve everything autonomously when a problem might occur. You will get a fixed amount of time per month, which you can use for any kind of our services. If you do not consume the whole amount, the remaining service-time will be credited to the next month or can be used for another project with us.

Our service and maintenance contracts offer:

  • support in all technical matters
  • guaranteed fixed response times even outside office hours and on weekends and public holidays
  • continuous monitoring of your IT systems and autonomous problem solving
  • preservation of the value of your technical infrastructure
  • cost certainty: fixed service budget

Emergency Service

We are capable of offering you short-term appointments (for fast troubleshooting). Forgotten passwords, systems compromised by viruses, Trojans? We will help you with any problem.

You can arrange a repair appointment at +49 911 23754937.

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