New/modified functions or applications require the users to get quickly used to the new IT [oder it?] environment/infrastructure, in order to guarantee efficient and continuous working. Self-training could be one of the methods to achieve this. But due to the frequent shortage of time and the possible lack of appropriate feedback self-training is often too time- and cost-intensive. In view of this, we would like to train your personnel to successfully use the applications. Therefore you can choose between different training measures for your staff:

  • individual training sessions
  • intensive courses
  • working group meetings or
  • specialized seminars

You can choose the type of the training, its contents and [the] focus [to put on it]. You can decide on the duration (one-day or several-days training sessions) and determine the number of participants. You will compile the topics by yourself and formulate concrete issues where clarifications should be given. These will be explained and run through using practical examples and taking into consideration possible constellations. Finally all of them will lead into relevant general or helpful future solutions.

Contact us (phone: +49 911 23754937; email: form). We would like to draw up a comprehensive training concept for your staff. Alternatively, we would be glad to work it out together with you considering the needs and prior knowledge of the target groups. Combining the software- with the training-package we would like to present you an equitable cost-optimized solution. In addition, we offer the possibility of cyclical refresh courses for your employees. All these activities can be connected with or implemented into different personell-related measures in your company.



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