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From the very first concept sketch through to the end product (the web portal) – we connect you to the Internet. The following describes the steps we will take together in order to release your own homepage or web project. Together with you, we will develop a concept for your site, create a web design and integrate it in a content management system. We also continue projects that had already been started by developing them according to your requirements.


A visitor will usually dedicate only a couple of seconds of his attention to an Internet page before deciding if to stay on it or to leave. That is the reason why several factors have to be taken into consideration during the design phase. You can choose a compromise between dynamic elements and a clean structure so that the site does not look monotonous and is on the other hand easily usable.

At the same time we pay a particular attention to barrier free access and a valid development according to web standards. These two aspects ensure that the website is well readable. They are also considered to be first steps towards a search engine optimization (see below).

Content Management Systems

Depending on the requirements of your project the use of open source editing systems is advisable. cb.ikt offers appropriate services for browser-based applications: starting with the setting-up of a server, the installation, the extension and adaption of the application, the creation of content and finishing with the independent operation of your site. We have compiled an overview for you of the most frequent content management systems. We will be pleased to answer your questions.

Content Management Systems (CMS):
The most widespread type of editorial systems is the content management system (CMS). It serves to manage sites that provide content without particular focus.
Examples: WordPress, Typo3, Drupal, Joomla

e-business – the sale of products on the internet has been booming for years. As a customer of a department store you are tied to opening hours; meanwhile in the internet you can buy as you like around the clock. The step from the regular store onto the web is easier than supposed. Product lists and inventories can be integrated easily into the shop by automatic data exchange. At the same time the export from the shop into the available software (e. g. billing system) is easily possible.
Examples: Magento, xt-commerce, osCommerce

This type of browser-based applications is often used to increase and improve the communication within a group. In companies general information for all employees can be provided in the internal network (intranet). But it can also be used for the purpose of collaboration. Further the access to parts of the information of the intraanet can be extended to certain customers, partners or suppliers (extranet). This requires a careful planning and development of a security concept, that includes measures against unauthorized use or access by third parties.
Examples: OpenAtrium, Horde

Custom Solutions according to the Customer’s Requirements:
Sometimes it has to be totally different. Do you have special requests or ideas for your internet presence or your projects? It is for this reason that we will be at your side with our developers. After the analysis of your requirements we will conceptualize, develop and maintain your project.

Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing

The success of web sites depends on how often they are found and visited. A site without visitors costs a great deal of money but does not achieve the desired effect.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes sure that you reach a large audience. Therefore we will analyze the structure, the content and the technical features of your site for improving its searchability.

The next step consists of targeted Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in order to reach a better ranking in the search results. Thereby it is very important to determine together with you important (central) search terms. A long-term marketing campaign will provide a very good ranking in the search results also later on.

Despite all efforts for better placings a certain amount of prudence and constancy should be taken into account. The excessive use or sudden stop of these methods lead to negative results.

Through our experience and specialization we can offer you a package consisting of consultation, optimizations tailored to your needs and a performance analysis. We will be happy to discuss specific questions with you during a personal meeting:

  • How do we optimize your homepage ideally to the search engine?
  • Which methods do we use to increase the relevance of your site?
  • Why are our technique-methods very promising?
  • Are the results measurable?


Contact us. We will be glad to work on your individual requirements.



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