Software Development and Contract Research

With years of experience we have centered our services on:

  • development of mobile applications and tablets
  • development of computer applications
  • contract research

Development on Mobile Platforms and Smart Phones

Smart phones and tablets are part of a very active but still young market. The development of applications for these devices is not only for public. It is conceivable that their use will allow companies to optimize their processes. Currently, we are offering you our know-how for the following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone)
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Web-Apps

One of our special areas is the development of cross-platform applications. We ensure that the applications will run on your operating system at no additional costs. The only precondition for this service is that you request platform independence already during the design phase of your product.

Development of Computer / Desktop Applications

In addition to the above mentioned mobile platforms, we also offer development services for “fully fledged” computers, especially for the platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux, Unix
  • Mac OS

As mentioned before, our offer of cross-platform software for your desktop applications is valid. Simply ask us during design phase so that all framework conditions can be clarified in time.

Contract Research

The development of applications is closely linked with research based on an idea or a concept. Starting from a basic thought we execute on your behalf research projects. However, there is the need to distinguish between research and development projects.

The starting point of a research project is the feasibility study sustained by different scientific publications. Then the problems discovered during the study will be analyzed and appropriate solutions will be worked on. In the case all the found problems could be solved and the feasibility could be positively confirmed, the development of the final product can be started.

In every research project the confidentiality of information is of fundamental importance. It is an obvious and obligatory prerequisite of our services provided for you.

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